The church was first built in 1904 and called “The Church of the Holy Spirit”. It was built on the present site of St Agnes Anglican Church in Kloof. The Building was built on property donated by Mr. TSP Field (Fields Hill also belonged to his family)

It was the first church to be built in Kloof and the Vicar, The Rev. Henry Grellier, rode on Horse-Back from Durban twice a month to conduct services.

By 1930, as the community grew, the church became too small, and in 1937 a new building was opened. The new church became known as St. Agnes, after the mother of one of the Donors.

The old building,  “The Church of the Holy Spirit”, was moved to Hillcrest in 1947, where it became a mission church, and later moved to Bothas Hill in the Valley of a 1000 Hills as a community centre.

When a new centre was built, the Church was again dismantled and given to the Rotary Club, who had it erected at Pineville Junction, Pinetown.

The church is now occupied by THE ROCK MINISTRIES in its present location.