We are a non-denominational Christian Family Church and are firmly fixed on teaching nothing but the scriptural truth of the   Bible and encouraging the use of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Our main emphasis is on strong, theologically-correct teaching   for the uplifting and growth of its Members

Founded: December 1999


To equip the church (the body of Christ) to: walk in the way of the Lord Jesus Christ and shine His light in a world of darkness; reach the lost for Christ; provide a place of teaching, learning and sharing for all members; grow in spiritual maturity through teaching and instruction.

What we do…

Sunday Service: 09:00 am – All welcome
Home-cell Groups – Wednesdays 07:00 pm
Monthly Ladies Fellowship Meeting
Charity / Outreach Division: Jehovah Jireh

Hebraic-Christian Studies

With Hebraic-Christian Studies your understanding of the Bible becomes richer, deeper and clearer, with new powerful insights.